He’s dying to get rich

“Great pleasure comes from others’ hopes destroyed.
The Germans have a word for it – ah, Schadenfreud’!”

“Four stars . . .  thoroughly enjoyable”

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With the aid of his  maidservant Mosca, Volpone convinces the wealthy citizens of Venice that he is on his deathbed – prompting them to shower him with gifts in the hope that they will become his sole heir. Meanwhile a trio of English tourists gets involved in his Volpone’s schemes and other pranks. How will it all end?


Martin Foreman’s adaptation of the classic comedy retains all the elements of Jonson’s plot while updating the language and setting to the nineteenth century. All jokes that stand the test of time are retained, while others are added to keep the laughter coming. The greatest change comes in transforming two leading characters into women. One is Corbaccia, who disinherits her son to get Volpone’s riches. The other is Mosca, whose quick thinking saves herself and her master from potential discovery and leads them towards potentially greater rewards. 

Volpone front
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min 13 M/F with doubling            running time app 2h 15m      ISBN: 978-0-9933546-4-9               soft cover, 126 pages

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