A Sense of Loss


“”There were too many people, far too many people; I wanted to be alone or I wanted to be in darkness or I wanted to be outside. I did not know what I wanted, only that within me there was an unsatisfied and unrecognised need, an itch that tormented just out of reach.””

Fifteen short stories displaying a counterpoint of different voices, each with a ring of authenticity. Written in the 1990s, some reflect the shifting kaleidoscope of gay reality in Britain at the time: the sexual compulsion of Room With No View, the high-energy rhythm of Discothèque – Four Voices or the cynical manipulation of Simon’s Dinner Party. Others take the reader to wider horizons – to Brazil and into landscapes of allegory and myth.


The title story, excerpted above, is the voice of the beautiful youth in Thomas Mann’s (and Luchino Visconti’s) Death in Venice. It was later developed as Foreman’s one-man play, Tadzio Speaks . . ., also known as Death on the Lido.


Published by Gay Men’s Press in 1993

ISBN 0-85449-185-6       soft cover, 186pp

£5.00 UK post-free    (other countries: contact us)



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