Eleven Short Plays

for drama students & amateur theatre

The ideal collection for drama groups and students to develop their talents in a wide range of topics and styles.

Starting with the time-loops of One More Time and The Report and finishing with the polemic of Get A Licence!, the scripts include comedy in Delivery!, dystopia in Umm Kulthum and the death of Christopher Marlowe in The Reckoning.

Absurdity comes in Nothing To Be Done, based on a well-known drama; E, C, H, K covers the dark side of drug-dealing while Everyone’s Dream reveals different memories of sexual encounter.

A Noh play based on a classic Japanese tale, The Tragic Love of Two Enemies, and Hand and Foot about, yes, a hand and a foot, complete the volume.

ISBN: 978-0-9933546-7-0               soft cover, 172 pages
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