First and Fiftieth


“Trouble is, memory changes things. Things you want to forget. Things you want to remember that never happened.
Happens to everybody. Gets so, nobody’s story’s true.
Not yours, not mine. But it’s all we got.”


Fifteen short stories comprising first person narratives spanning the globe from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles, Africa to Nepal, London to Siberia. Men and women from teenagers to grandparents each speak in a distinctive voice and with intense emotion as love and sex, violence and humour, anger and pathos meet in this kaleidoscope of human comedy and tragedy.


Four of the stories from this collection (AngelBen and Joe’sLos Feliz and Sunset) were produced as one-actor plays.


Published by Paradise Press in 2002.


Audio versions of several stories are available to download from


ISBN 0-9525964-7-4       soft cover, 151pp

£5.00 UK post-free      (other countries: contact us)



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