I no longer deal in rare and antiquarian books.
This website is gradually closing, but some items may still be for sale:
Make me an offer if you wish to buy.
I still buy for my own collection rare books, magazines and ephemera of gay interest, almost always published before 1980,
and science-fiction and fantasy (books, not magazines) published before 1950.
I also buy erotica of any sexual interest published before 1900.
If you have something to sell contact me.
With many thanks to my customers over the last nine years
- I hope you always find what you are looking for.

Titles of Transsexual / Transgender / Transvestite Interest

Founded in 2009, Arbery Books deals in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of trans interest. We are also the UK's leading online dealer in rare gay and lesbian books and ephemera. Our other specialities are other aspects of sexuality; our antiquarian (pre-1900) lists include curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour.

Most titles on this page are in good condition; jackets / covers may be discoloured or have small tears; books may have dedications or inscriptions and / or tanned pages. Contact us for more detailed information on any item, photographs or to order. Prices include UK postage and packing.
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The Transvestite Memoirs of the Abbé de Choisy

trans & intro R H F Scott

UK hardback, 1973, ISBN 0720600537, 136pp

De Choisy (1644 - 1724) was a clergyman, author and gossip associated with the court of the French king Louis XIII

ref 002547, £5.00

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Abbe de Choisy

Roberta Cowell

Roberta Cowell's Story by herself

UK hardback, 1954 (1st ed), ISBN n/a, 154pp

Early - perhaps first - published autobiography by a British transsexual

ref 002534, £25.00

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Roberta Cowell's Story

Richard Green

Sexual Identity Conflict in Children and Adults

UK hardback, 1974 (1st ed), ISBN 071560774X, 325pp

Indepth look at origins and emergence of transsexual feelings in children and adults

ref 002538, £8.00

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Green Sexual Identity Conflict

Contact us for more detailed information on any item, photographs or to order. Prices include UK postage and packing.

Beaumont Society

Magazine / Bulletin

Vol 12 No.6 January - February 1981
No 13 March 1982
Vol 14 no 1 March - April 1982
Vol 14 No. 4 September - October 1982
Vol 14 No. 6 January - February 1983
No. 15 March 1983
Vol. 15 No.1 March- April 1983
Vol 15 May - June 1983
No. 17 July 1983
Vol 17 No. 3 July - August 1983
Vol 3 No.6 November 1995
numbering is irregular - size and length of bulletins varies; may have small imperfections; picture right can be enlarged

ref n/a, £5.00 each or £30 for all eleven

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Beaumont Society magazine / bulletin

Roger Bowdler

Sense and Sensuality

UK hardback, 1972 (1st ed), ISBN n/a, 255pp

Novel about the relationship between a man who wants to be a kept woman and a cynical and oppportunistic writer

ref 002536, £6.00

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Stoller The Transsexual Experiment

Stuart Engstrand

The Sling and the Arrow

UK paperback (orig US), 1964, ISBN n/a, 302pp

Married man has a passion for his wife's clothes
back cover blurb

ref 002088, £5.00

no longer available
Engstrand The Sling and The Arrow

Harriett Gilbert

Hotels with Empty Rooms

UK hardback, 1973 (1st ed), ISBN 034017014X, 142pp

Painter in a hotel in Brittany meets a girl who is a boy who is a murderer . . .

ref 002537, £7.50

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Stoller The Transsexual Experiment

Contact us for more detailed information on any item, photographs or to order. Prices include UK postage and packing.

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

She emerges from the mists of time and threads her way through the histories of all cultures and all nations. She is present at solemn religious rites and kicks up her skirts at anarchic celebrations which mock authority and chellenge the status quo. In the high drama of ancient Rome and Athens she was there to facilitate the ceremonies of rebirth and fertility. In the low theatre of the common people she has leered and flaunted her sexual ambiguity. Among the Indian tribes of North America she has, as a berdache, been institutionalised as an awesome representation of a third sex, one gifted with magical powers and invested with divine authority, uniting male and female into the undifferentiated sexuality of the primal creative force.

opening paragrah, Drag
Roger Baker
Cassell, 1994

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