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I still buy for my own collection rare books, magazines and ephemera of gay interest, almost always published before 1980,
and science-fiction and fantasy (books, not magazines) published before 1950.
I also buy erotica of any sexual interest published before 1900.
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Gay Erotic / Pulp Fiction and Non-fiction to 1971
gay erotic writing 1970s and 1980s gay erotic writing 1990 onwards

Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay, lesbian and transgender interest. Our other fields of interest are sexuality in general and antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour. Recently we have added early science-fiction and fantasy to our lists.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. £ prices include UK postage and packing. Where $ prices are given, they include postage to the USA.

Erotic and pulp fiction forms a spectrum from almost chaste romance to repetitive emotionless sexual activity; another line can be drawn from engaging literature to the dullest prose. The books listed in this section can lie anywhere in these categories and some erotic / pulp fiction is surprisingly well written. In addition they offer fascinating insights into the lives and attitudes of gay men and the society they lived in forty or more years ago. Most came from specialist publishing houses in the USA, appeared only in paperback and were sold in shops that the general public were unlikely to enter; a few appeared first in hardback and reached a much wider audience.

This page also lists some non-fiction works, included here because their sensationalist approach echoed that of pulp fiction. Note also that because one man's pulp is another man's literature the title you are looking for may not be here. Click the Fiction heading or search box on the left to see what other titles we have.

Books are listed in order of first publication. All books are complete and may have minor damage; serious defects are noted by the title. Books with titles in blue can be paid for immediately; for other titles use the link to order by email.

James Barr
Paperback Library, New York, 1967 (first published 1950)

Cover: wear to edges, significant wear / rubbing to spine, creases, nicks, small tears, sticker on back page. Inside front cover: bookseller's stamp. Old price in pencil on half-title. Pages tanning. Small tears on first two leaves.
"Can two men of intelligence and integrity live as respected members of a society that would destroy them if their strange love were exposed?"

£6.00      or buy hardback edition
The Man from Pansy
Don Rico
Lancer Books, NY, USA, 1967 1st edition

"Meet Buzz Cardigan . . . the limp-wristed spy who stops at nothing to queer freedom's enemies" back cover blurb

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Don Rico The Man From Pansy
Homo Farm
Victor Jay (Victor J Banis)
Brandon House, USA, 1968 1st edition

"After five years he feared Kenny's return to the farm - no one had ever forgotten the scandal surrounding Kenny and he couldn't help wondering if his fear was he wanted Kenny for himself".

A Choice of Passions
Seth Young
Paperback Library, New York, 1968

"Many men and women are attracted to young Mickey Bannon's rugged good looks and virile body. And his own confused needs permit him to respond to anyone who satisfies his hunger for love. But Mickey knows he can't go on forever not knowing who or what he is."

£15.00 order here
The Wicked and the Wild
attributed to Jean-Paul Duval (aka Jean Lorrain)
Bell House Classics, USA, 1969 (est date) 1st edition

Very rare, possibly unique polysexual erotica set in fin-de-siècle Paris - no other example of this title is available or even referred to online. Attributed to Jean-Paul Duval / Jean Lorrain, but cannot be correlated with his work in French. .

Sherbet and Sodomy
I V Ebbing
The Other Traveller / The Olympia Press, New York, 1971

"How does a handsome young cat, newly out and grooving on the gay scene of Greenwich Village, suddenly find himself enmeshed in the silken clutches of El-Dahabi, an Arab sect which celebrates the attainment of perfect love through pain and submission?"

£15.00 order here
The Joy Spot
Phil Andros (Samuel M Steward)
Frenchy's Gay Line, USA, 1971 1st edition

Version of La Ronde (the play by Arthur Schnitzler from 1900). A farm boy has sex with a motorcyclist who goes on to have sex with an effeminate older man who has sex with a policeman who . . .

James Colton (Joseph Hansen)
Traveller's Companion / Olympia Press, New York, 1971 1st edition

"Todd was white and Felix was black and Felix's militant brother was determined that none of his family was ever going to be exploited by the whites, especially sexually."
The Scorpius Equation
Larry Townsend
Traveller's Companion / Olympia Press, New York, 1971 1st edition

"A superbly sexy suspense novel set in the far future when galactic empries are locked in a grim cold war that only the heat of passion can dispel . . . a mindbending trip to the gay world of 5069."
Cover: some wear; spine unbroken. Pages browning. Book apparently unread.
£15.00 order here
We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. £ prices include UK postage and packing. Where $ prices are given, they include postage to the USA. Books with titles in blue can be paid for immediately; for other titles use the link to order by email.

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

"Terry Wallace drove slowly alone in his high-powered convertible, staring out over the passing scene. The night was beautiful, late April when it seemed that all the clean, untempered breeze of the world was here with its gentle winds; and the earth lay warm and fecund, burgeoning with buildings, the moonlight falling upon them like a soft blue net.

Out of the moonlit sky another familiar building took a square, solid stand. Another tree, another quiet sweep of shining water, another mast. Its tall pole and cross beams extended like welcoming arms, and at its base rocked the boat, lazily and serenely. Lights in its cabin shone, set there to hold out a warm welcome, through portholes ajar, and through them a radio could be heard playing the music of New Orleans."

Opening paragraphs, Somewhere Between The Two, Jay Little

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