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Lesbian Interest
Founded in 2009 and based in the UK, Arbery Books is a leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of lesbian interest. We also specialise in publications of gay and transgender interest, other aspects of sexuality and antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. Prices include UK postage and packing.

Titles are listed alphabetically by author under the following categories:

Fiction / Drama / Poetry
     by women; this section includes books with lesbian content and books with no      ostensible lesbian content by lesbian authors

     by women or men

     periodicals, leaflets etc

By Men
     Lesbian fiction and poetry titles which may not reflect lesbian sensibilities;      included primarily as curiosities

Fiction / Drama / Poetry
Dorothy BAKER Cassandra at the Wedding 1962 1st £10.00
Trio 1943 1st £20.00
Ann BANNON Women in the Shadows 1959 1st £20.00
(Ann Weldy)
Sandy BOUCHER Assaults & Rituals 1975 1st £10.00
BRYHER Gate to the Sea 1959 1st UK £15.00
(Hilda Doolittle)
Red Roses for Bronze 1929 1st £10.00
Michael FIELD
(Katherine Harris Bradley & Edith Emma Cooper)
Canute the Great / The Cup of Water [1887] 1st £50.00
Berta FREISTADT & Pat O'BRIAN (eds) Language of Water Language of Fire 1992 £7.50
Radclyffe HALL The Sixth Beatitude
limited edition signed by author
1936 1st £150.00
Jeannette MARKS The End of a Song 1911 1st £30.00
Charlotte MEW The Rambling Sailor 1929 1st £10.00
Minnie Bruce PRATT The Sound of One Fork
inscribed by author
1983 £20.00
Jane RULE Memory Board
signed by author
1987 1st UK £10.00
Gale WILHELM We Too Are Drifting 1975 £10.00

BRYHER The Days of Mars 1972 1st UK £17.50
Frank S CAPRIO Female Homosexuality: a psychodynamic study of lesbianism
1st edition US hardback with damaged jacket, 334pp
cover image
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1963 £8.00
Maurice CHIDECKEL Female Sex Perversion 1963 £8.00
Diana FREDERICS Diana: A Strange Autobiography 1948 £15.00
Ludovico Maria SINISTRARI De Sodomia / De La Sodomie
in Latin & French
orig 1700 £75.00
Ethel SMYTH Impressions that Remained 1920 £20.00
Marguerite YOURCENAR Dear Departed: A Memoir 1992 1st Engl £5.00

Sappho (UK magazine)
Vol 5 No 5, 1977, 36pp, 21.1cm * 14.6cm
Cover stained; inside pages clean; pages complete but collated wrongly.

Articles include Sapphoscene; Sapph - Herstory; Chairperson's Report; Problems; Heteraecetera; Money for Women; Gaycon; Hullo Popey; Amazon; Day in the Life of...; Short Story; Togetherness. Plus letters, adverts, groups and meetings list, cassette club.

£6.00     Contact us to purchase.

Lesbian fiction and poetry by men
Pierre LOUŸS Les Chansons de Bilitis
illustrated by Joseph Kuhn-Régnier
1930 £30.00
The Songs of Bilitis
privately printed
first full English language edition
1919 1st Eng £25.00
Compton MACKENZIE Donne Pericolose
Italian translation of Extraordinary Women
1954 1st Italy £10.00
Reed MARR Women without Men n.d £5.00
Mathieu-François PIDANSAT DE MAIROBERT (attrib) La Secte des Anandrynes / Confession de Mademoiselle Sapho 1920 £35.00
(Don Rico)
The Odd World 1965 1st £15.00

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

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