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Christopher Street 1977 - 1993

Between 1976 and 1995, Christopher Street was one of the most innovative and influential gay magazines in the United States, with features on a wide range of topics, new fiction from many writers, cartoons, photo essays etc. Occasional and regular contributors included Andrew Holleran, Boyd McDonald and Edmund White. I used to have a large collection for sale. The copies below are the only ones left.

Pictures can be enlarged with view image function. All magazines are complete and in generally good condition. Any hatching is scanner fault, not on original. Specific defects are noted.

Copies are £10 each including UK postage and packing or $25 each including postage to the US. Discounts available for three or more editions. Order here

November 1978 (Vol 3, No 4)

Contents: Letters / Male Nudes, by Andrew Holleran / New York's Mein Chow; Alex Sand visits New York's first gay Chinese restaurant / Bad Habits, by Richard Friedel / Stavrinos, Illustrator, by Nathan Fain / Jokers Are Wild, the opening of John Lahr's new biography of Joe Orton / A Reckoning, an extract from May Sarton's new novel / Dance: Eleanor and Barry Laine talk with Meredith Monk / Movies: Jack Hiemenz on The Eyes of Laura Mars/ Classifieds / cartoons

July/August 1980 (Vol 4, No 11)
64pp, cover stained
and torn

Contents: Letters / Out and Around / Guestword on Christendom's intolerance of sexuality / Trivia Quiz / Dennis Altman on Gay Paris / Sartre: The Final Interview / Photography by Arthur Tress / Prose Poem by John Harris / Book Reviews (Art in the Third Reich; Judy Grahn's poetry; The Durable Fig Leaf ) / Will Aitken interviews Robert Wrench / Classifieds / cartoons

Issue 178 (May 1992 )

The Joseph Papp Public Theater by John Harris / Philip Bockman writes / Gay Politics, California Style by Charles Linebarger / Rosamaria Roffiel, A Contemporary Mexican Novelist by Elena M Martinez / My Roommate's Own Story by David Guy / Fiction: "Imaging Linc" by Scott Heim; "Single Lines Best Not Remembered" by John L Myers; "Peggy Hagerman's Bikini" by James Russell Mayes, "The Unfortunate and True Story of How I Sank My Car in Lake Erie" by Tom Harshbarger / Poetry by Richard Morrison and Chuck Willman / Cartoons

Issue 180 (June 8, 1992)

Is P.C. Going Down on Itself by Bob Satuloff / CS Theater: The Season: Musicals by John Harris / Mr Bockman Writes by Philip Bockman / Book Notes & Bestsellers by Tom Steele / Recollections of a Young Catholic Sodomite by Julio Alves / Fiction by Jess Gregg, William Dickinson, Thomas W Mitchell, Raphael Kadushin, Owen Keehnen / Poetry by Jessica Cohen, S Lawrence / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 194 (December 21, 1992)

Biven's Arm by Andrew Holleran / Bestsellers / Rocky Mountain High . . . and Low Gay Life in Colorado by John Harris / A Gay Rights Victory in California by Charles Linebarger / Sarah Bernhard: Outsider on the Inside Track by Scott A Hunt / Fiction by Dick Scanlan, William Freeberg, Michael Pearce, Owen Keehnen / Poetery by Matthew Aquilone, Mario J Pascarello / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 196 (January 18, 1993)

Hitchhikers by Andrew Holleran Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / CS Theater: My Favorite Year by John Harris Mr Bockman Writes by Philip Bockman / The Bridge by Jeffrey Nickel Bestsellers / Family Business by Robert Julian / A View From the Trenches by T P Barrus / AZT Inventor Promotes Vaccines and More Antiviral Chemotherapy by Clemmer Mayhew III / Glenn Plaskin: Therapist To The Stars, interviewed by C Bard Cole / Photography: Stellar Men by Stanley Stellar / Fiction by Jane Cook / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 197 (February 1, 1993)

CS Theater: Phantom Appeal by John Harris / Activist Anti-Gay Parents of Gay Children by Jeffrey Nickel / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / Bestsellers / Sarah Schulman Talks About the Life-Long Process of Coming Out by C Bard Cole / Fiction by Edward M Cohen, David A Ebershoff Jr, Stephen A Gonya, Martha Tormey, Jose Sequeira / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 199 (March 1993)

The Limits of Tolerance by Andrew Holleran / C S Theater: Decline and Fallacy by John Harris / Mr Bockman Writes by Philip Bockman / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / Bestsellers / San Francisco Gays Ponder Recall of Mayor by Charles Linebarger / The Train Tears Me From Prague As Language Shreds My Heart by Greg Bartholomew / / Robert Gallo Found Guilty of Scientific Misconduct by Neenyah Ostrom / Fiction by Roy McKenzie, William Freeberg, Craig S Womack, Robert Majoros / Poetry by Matthew Howard / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 200 (April 1993)

C S Theater: Jeffrey by John E Harris / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / Bestsellers / J: Born on the Wrong Side Of Town by C Bard Cole / The Poetry of Dinos Christianopoulos translated by Nicholas Kostis / Fiction by Kevin Hill, Robin Lippincott, Elizabeth Crowell, William Freeberg, Scott Bane / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 201 (May 1993)

Walking New York by Andrew Holleran / C S Theater by John E Harris / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff /Roseanne Arnold interviewed by Scott A Hunt / Excerpt from a memoir by Alan Helms / Fiction by Brady Jensen, Bruce Edward Hall, Johnny Townsend, John Harris / Poetry by Darrell Fike and Hugh Coyle / Best Sellers / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 202 (June 1993)

Transit of Venus by Andrew Hollern / CS Movies: Okoge by Quentin Crisp / CS Theater: Putting It Together by John Harris / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / Poetry by Andrew Barron / Bestsellers / Fiction by Timothy Burton, L R Holben, Kevin Phelan and Bill U'Ren, Jim Gladstone, Kevin Hill / Classifieds / Cartoons

Issue 204 (August 1993)

The Boat Ramp by Andrew Hollern / CS Theater: Gay Broadway by John E Harris / Movie Memories by Bob Satuloff / How to Hide a Minority With Statistics by Richard Scheider Jr / What Kinsey Really Said by William H DuBay / Parties, Parks and Politics: Jewish-American Gays Look at Israel by Lev Raphael / 1963-1993: A Story of Two Marches by Charles Linebarger / She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mom by Arie Schwartz / Fiction by David Rompf, Jess Taylor, Keith Banner / Classifieds / Cartoons

Copies are £10 each including UK postage and packing or $25 each including postage to the US. Discounts available for three or more editions. Order here

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