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Between 1976 and 1995, Christopher Street was one of the most innovative and influential gay magazines in the United States, with features on a wide range of topics, new fiction from many writers, cartoons, photo essays etc. Occasional and regular contributors included Andrew Holleran, Boyd McDonald and Edmund White.

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Copies are £10 each including UK postage and packing or $25 each including postage to the US. Discounts available for three or more editions. Order here

July 1977 (Vol 2, No 1)
64pp, back cover soiled

Contents: Just In From Frisco / Gay Life in Macho Mexico, by David R Lennox [cont'd in next issue] / By Her Own Admission: An Excerpt, by Gifford Guy Gibson with Mary Jo Risher / Campus Report, by Kim Thomas / Interview with Nick Dante, by Gaby Rodgers / Glory-Holes, by John Stranack / Poetry by Brad Gooch / Fiction, Current Events, by James Schulyer; The Store, by Ronald Federico / Book Reviews: Straight Answers about Homosexuality for Straight Readers, Gay: What You Should Know about Homosexuality / Classifieds / cartoons

November 1978 (Vol 3, No 4)

Contents: Letters / Male Nudes, by Andrew Holleran / New York's Mein Chow; Alex Sand visits New York's first gay Chinese restaurant / Bad Habits, by Richard Friedel / Stavrinos, Illustrator, by Nathan Fain / Jokers Are Wild, the opening of John Lahr's new biography of Joe Orton / A Reckoning, an extract from May Sarton's new novel / Dance: Eleanor and Barry Laine talk with Meredith Monk / Movies: Jack Hiemenz on The Eyes of Laura Mars/ Classifieds / cartoons

July/August 1980 (Vol 4, No 11)
64pp, cover stained

Contents: Letters / Out and Around / Guestword on Christendom's intolerance of sexuality / Trivia Quiz / Dennis Altman on Gay Paris / Sartre: The Final Interview / Photography by Arthur Tress / Prose Poem by John Harris / Book Reviews (Art in the Third Reich; Judy Grahn's poetry; The Durable Fig Leaf ) / Will Aitken interviews Robert Wrench / Classifieds / cartoons

October / November 1980 (Vol 5, No 1)
64pp, cover worn

Contents: Letters / Out and Around / Randy Shilts on Cleve Jones / Robert K Martin on gay life in London / Seymour Kleinberg on an eight-year relationship / Fiction by Henry D Compton / Ned Rorem's Composer's Diary / Book Reviews on homosexuality in French and in American literature / Will Aitken on Chant d'amour / Classifieds / cartoons

Copies are £10 each including UK postage and packing or $25 each including postage to the US. Discounts available for three or more editions. Order here
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