I no longer deal in rare and antiquarian books.
This website is gradually closing, but some items may still be for sale:
Make me an offer if you wish to buy.
I still buy for my own collection rare books, magazines and ephemera of gay interest, almost always published before 1980,
and science-fiction and fantasy (books, not magazines) published before 1950.
I also buy erotica of any sexual interest published before 1900.
If you have something to sell contact me.
With many thanks to my customers over the last nine years
- I hope you always find what you are looking for.

Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay, lesbian and transgender interest. Our other topics are sexuality in general, antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica and sexual behaviour, and early science-fiction and fantasy.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. £ prices include UK postage and packing. $ includes to the USA and € includes postage within the eurozone.

NOTE: Since the closing sale was announced many items have been sold and there is sometimes a delay in removing them from the website. Apologies if the book / periodical / ephemera you wish to buy is no longer available.

Recent additions Rare and old gay, lesbian and transgender

La Charrette "charrie" aujourd'hui
French satirical magazine, August 1923

La Charrette "charrie" was a monthly satirical magazine published in 1922 and 1923, specialising in different topics each issue. This edition is devoted to "Inversion" (primarily male homosexuality with some references to lesbians), and comprises a mixture of three-colour cartoons and text.

£35      more information

Wet 1 & 2
poster (46.5cm * 61.5cm)
Nightclub events during 1990 Gay Games in Vancouver, Canada
slight creasing at one edge

Contact for more information or to purchase.
Wet poster

Symposium 87
Signed Poster (29.5 cm * 42 cm)
Symposium 87 was a gathering of European LGBT writers in London
Back of poster signed by most (all?) present.
more information
Symposium 87 poster Symposium 87 signatures

Mike Seabrook

Unnatural Relations

UK paperback 1989 (1st ed), ISBN 0854491163

"two young people facing a brutal assault on their human rights" back cover blurb

ref 002556, £17.50

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Our Trans section is open again and includes:

Roberta Cowell's Story
by herself

UK hardback, 1954 (1st ed), ISBN n/a, 154pp

Early - perhaps first - published autobiography by a British transsexual

ref 002534, £25.00

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Roberta Cowell's Story

Harriett Gilbert

Hotels with Empty Rooms

UK hardback, 1973 (1st ed), ISBN 034017014X, 142pp

Painter in a hotel in Brittany meets a girl who is a boy who is a murderer . . .

ref 002537, £7.50

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Stoller The Transsexual Experiment

In Cheap Fiction you'll find, among others, these titles:

Kim Carlson

Breakfast in Bedlam

UK paperback, 1991 (1st ed), ISBN 0854491686
"a surreal landscape of gothic horror and lust; a black comedy with a psychological hard-on" back cover blurb

ref 002527, £6.00

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And more . . .


handsome men
from Venice to Sicily


Buzz Cardigan fights
the enemies of freedom


two gay men - one is the 'mother' of their child

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

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