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Founded in 2009, Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand books and ephemera of gay, lesbian and transgender interest. Our other fields of interest are sexuality in general and antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour. Recently we have added early science-fiction and fantasy to our lists.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. £ prices include UK postage and packing. Where $ prices are given, they include postage to the USA.

September 2014

We've spent the last month moving from London to Edinburgh and are now uploading a large backlog in books. These include the first UK edition of Jean Cocteau's gay novel, Le Livre Blanc, first published anonymously in 1928 and a novel by Paul Bowles' protégé Mohammed Mrabet, Love With A Few Hairs (1967), about a young Moroccan who is living with an Englishman when he seduces a young woman in his home village.

Among books by and about Pier Paolo Pasolini, we have the Italian director and writer's novel A Violent Life, his collection of essays Lutheran Letters and William Van
Watson's study of his stage work in Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Theatre of the Word.


Stories Toto Told Me
Baron Corvo

An Italian peasant youth and his
religious stories: the first six to appear
in book form

First edition: 1898


The War of the Worlds
H G Wells' classic novel

First edition: 1898

Lord Alfred Douglas

Late poetry

First edition: 1935

In the aftermath of war

A powerful novel of lost love

1st English edition 1996 £50

Recent additions
Joseph Durey de Sauvoy, Marquis Du Terrail Le Masque, ou anecdotes particulieres du Chevalier de *** (1750) novel of love and intrigue, translated in 1926 as The Masked Lady £350
Pierre Sylvain Maréchal
(attributed to)
Contes Saugrenus (1789) collection of humorous, erotic and exotic stories £350

Gay / gay interest
Martyn Goff A Sort of Peace
(1960, first edition)
Goff was gay; this novel about conflict between a patient and hospital sister has little or no gay content £10.00
J R Ackerley We Think The World Of You
(1962, 1st ed, 3rd imp)
middle-aged man's interest in younger man £10.00
Richard Chopping The Ring
(1967 first edition)
little-known novel of man, his mother, his secret gay life £8.00

Gay interest: other languages
announcing repeal of anti-gay law in newly independent republic
newsletter, Latvia, 1992
Okay magazine, Poland, 1992
Somos newsletter, Argentina, 1978

Science Fiction
Mark Wicks To Mars via The Moon (1911) early science fiction novel £45.00


We have books and ephemera in several languages, including this playscript and theatre programme from a 1980 play about male prostitution in Brazil.


La Secte des Anandrynes /
Confession de Mademoiselle Sapho
Reprint of a 1784 publication about a secret society of lesbians in the upper ranks of French society

Old Gay Books


Compton Mackenzie's
Thin Ice in Italian


classic 1970s erotica - some with interesting stories


The life of a public schoolboy 100 years ago


The classic post-Stonewall pre-AIDS novel of NYC


portraits of the famous company


Richard Amory's classic novel of father-son conflict

Periodicals and Ephemera

Physique magazines from the 1950s; gay lifestyle magazines from the 1960s onwards. UK, US and many other countries.

periodicals in English
periodicals in other languages

Leaflets, political documents, travel guides etc, 1970s onwards, from several countries.

gay ephemera

Books wanted

We buy old and rare gay, lesbian and transgender books, periodicals and ephemera. We are primarily interested in hardbacks and periodicals published before 1990 and paperbacks and ephemera published before 1980, but we consider all offers. We also buy rare books of any subject matter. Contact us if you have a single copy or a whole library for sale.
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