I no longer deal in rare and antiquarian books.
This website is gradually closing, but some items may still be for sale:
Make me an offer if you wish to buy.
I still buy for my own collection rare books, magazines and ephemera of gay interest, almost always published before 1980,
and science-fiction and fantasy (books, not magazines) published before 1950.
I also buy erotica of any sexual interest published before 1900.
If you have something to sell contact me.
With many thanks to my customers over the last nine years
- I hope you always find what you are looking for.

Fiction of Gay Interest: Novels translated into English

Founded in 2009 , Arbery Books is the UK's leading online dealer in rare and secondhand gay books and ephemera. We also specialise in publications of lesbian and transgender interest, other aspects of sexuality and antiquarian (pre-1900) curiosities, erotica, picaresque and sexual behaviour.

We ship worldwide, usually within one working day of receiving an order. Prices include UK postage and packing.

This section includes books with gay content and books with no ostensible gay content by gay authors. Titles are listed alphabetically by author. Use the link in the left column to find short fiction and fiction of gay interest by non-UK authors.

Michel TREMBLAY Making Room
signed by author
1990 1st UK £20.00

Arbery Books also sells secondhand and rare mainstream titles.

"The queer pub is different. Comparatively few people come alone, except if they happen to be regulars. The usual custom is to come in pairs, then ignore each other for most of the evening, except when the strain becomes too great. If one talks to an unattached person there is usually tension. The man is ill at ease, it takes time to sum you up and the process occupies most of his mind and renders him tongue-tied. he doesn't know whether you are a plain-clothes man or not. This, of course, is usually easy to decide; your age, your clothes, your appearance give the information in a few seconds. But there are other considerations; he doesn't know what you demand; he can guess, but only trial and error can supply the answer."

The Heart in Exile (novel), Rodney Garland, UK, 1953

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